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We offer full color t-shirt and garment printing on light or dark colored garments using the latest digital printing equipment. There are NO color limits, NO set-up fees, NO minimum order requirements and we can turn your order around fast. You don’t need to supply complicated artwork with color separations defined.  We also have a team of creative designers who will create a design for you.  The first half hour of art fees are free, then it's $25 every 30 minutes there after. This gives us time to scan in your photo and maybe add some text within that first half hour. Or, if you are wanting us to cut images out of your file or perform certain special effects it may take longer than 30 minutes. Always ask us our opinion if we think it will take longer than 30 minutes for what you are wanting.


Direct to Garment Printing also has the ability to print very high detailed images. This process prints at resolutions as high as 1440dpi. Just remember that we are printing on fabric not paper, so our outputs will have great detail but won't be the same detail as if it was printed on paper. The print also has a very soft to the hand feel because the water based ink literally absorbs right into the fibers of the garment. Plus, water based inks are environmental friendly!


All you need is a .tif, .eps, or .jpg image with a decent resolution (300 DPI or higher - we recommend 600+dpi) or vector based .ai or .eps files are best for Direct to Garment Printing. Because this is a digital process, we are able to offer unique variable data printing. Not only can we print your design in full color, but we can also personalize your design for a more unique look. So, if you are looking for 1 shirt or more, we can do it!








































Frequently Asked Questions about DTG printing


Do I have to order a minimum quantity of shirts for Direct to Garment Printing (DTG)?

NO, that’s the beauty of DTG! This process allows us to print one or more pieces on demand! Keep in mind that digital

garment printing is optimized for short to medium run, full color printed garments. This means light or dark, orders of

1-96 pieces, and white garment orders of 1-144 pieces.


Is there a set-up fee for your Direct to Garment Printing (DTG) printing process?

NO, the process uses direct inkjet technology. With traditional screen printing there are setup fees for screens and

film positives. Since there are no screens or film positives involved in the DTG process, we don’t need to charge for it!.


Are there certain materials that work better than others?

Yes. When it comes to garments 100% cotton works the very best. We always recommend 100% cotton for garments.


What kind of print quality does a Direct to Garment Printing (DTG) produce?

The quality of a DTG print is amazing! Since the print process uses CMYK inks, the color gamut is almost limitless. The print

itself has great detail. Direct to Garment Printing can produce high quality gradients and photos because it is a continuous

tone process. There are no halftone dots or screens used to simulate shades of color. Because of this, blends and photos

are smooth and detailed in appearance. Just remember, we are printing on fabric not paper so super fine detail may not

appear like it does on paper.


What types of files do you accept for Direct to Garment Printing (DTG)?

The best file format is a vector based .eps, .ai, file. This file format is the most flexible for us to use and can be changed

easily. When supplying this type of file it is important to outline your text.


We also accept .psd ,.jpg, and .tiff files. It is important to make sure that these file formats are at least 300 dpi at finished

print size. Digital photographs will also work fine. As a general rule it is recommended to use a photo from a digital camera

that is at least 4 mega pixel. The file format from a digital camera is usually a .jpg which as listed above will work fine.


If you are not sure of your file and want our professional opinion, then you can send us your file for evaluation. We will not

charge for file evaluation.


Are there special care instructions for digitally printed shirts?

Yes. As with all decorated garments, you will prolong the life of the shirt by turning them inside-out and washing

them in cold water. Never use bleach! Your shirt can be machine dried on low heat.


**Please note...Direct To Garment printing on dark shirts requires a special pre-treatment that will bind the white

underbase to the fabric. This pre-treatment will make the fabric slightly stiff after the ink is cured. Most people will

not notice it, however, the stiffness will be gone after the first wash.

direct to garment printing a shirt

On The Spot Graphics creates and prints in-house custom apparel and we are also a Dealer and Distributor for:  Camber USA, Holloway USA, Game Sportswear, McArthur products.